Year 6 Conference

A few weeks ago the year 6s were lucky enough to experience 1 of the 3 year 6 conferences. It was so much fun and I think we all learnt about  ourselves.

One of my favourite activities was the physical challenge with Miss Dines. It was a planking challenge so we had to hold a plank for as long as we could, we always had to have 6 people planking, so that means there could be people resting and we could switch out if anyone was getting tired. We had to use resilience, communication and of course teamwork. We all had to push through because we were told there was a sweet prize for the team that won, but we ended up having a delicious icy pole.

I had a great time, and learnt a lot. Have you ever had to show resilience or communication?

My Favourite Book Chat This Year

My Favourite Book Chat

There were many book chats this year, but my favourite was The Someday Suitcase by far! It was written by Corey Ann Haydu. I think it was a very good book, because it had a really good message. This book is about Clover and Danny who have a friendship that Clover thinks is symbiotic, but suddenly Danny gets a mysterious disease and it changes Danny and Clover. They both seem to think that Clover helps Danny, and whenever Clover isn’t with him he gets worse and worse. It is a Family and Friendship book about two best friends and their journey. I would recommend The Someday Suitcase to people who like heartwarming story, and the age group would be year 4 to 6.

Christmas pavlova

Christmas Pavlova

I love christmas, sitting at the table eating the amazing pavlova my grandma made. The soft meringue with the juicy fruits, making my mouth water. Christmas is a very special day to spend time together, so normally we have a ham for lunch, and finish off the day with a good old pavlova! I LOVE PAVLOVA!!! Any-day, anytime, give me a  pavlova! Mmmmmmm, yum! Here’s a recipe!

Christmas Blog

Christmas Day Blog!

I celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a day of giving and celebration. I love waking up on Christmas morning, to see presents surrounding the Christmas tree. My family sits around the tree while we open our presents. Later on in the day my extended family comes over. To celebrate Christmas lunch,  we have a ham, and sometimes a pavlova which is a dessert made with meringue, served with cream and fruit(made by my grandma!) which is always delicious! We normally swim in my pool because it is so hot! I love spending time with my cousins! While we eat lunch we do our bon bons, where everyone gets one and they choose who to go against, then they pull as hard as they can, and in the end someone gets more of the bon bon, which means they won! We celebrate Christmas day on the 25th of December. Days like Christmas are really important, to spend time with our family and friends. 

Toona Reflection

Toona Reflection

This term we went to Toonallook for our camp. I had so much fun, and made many memories and friendships. I loved learning about all my classmates, and building strong friends. I loved Toona and can’t wait for more fun times!

On the first day, we arrived at Bulleen at 8:00, and everyone was so excited! We watched minions, as well as some other movies. We were on the bus for 4 hours, so we were pretty tired, everyone one was hungry and tired, so for the rest of the day we pretty much were just getting used to the camp by having a tour, doing a treasure hunt so we can find our way around camp, and overall getting used to our  surroundings. We were even lucky enough to have the choice to go out for a swim! The water was so cold, but so amazing at the same time. Josh, a camp staff, taught us how to play king ball, which is so fun, and I think everyone thought in their free time they wanted to play king ball. For dinner we had burritos, and let me tell you Trish is an amazing cook! It felt so good to have a shower after our long day, and pretty much ready to go to bed. As a fun game after having a shower,  we played the Foot Game which was so much fun! After our fun games it was time to go to bed, we had to have a good sleep for tomorrows big day!

On the second day we had some great times, and to start off our fabulous day we got a visit by the water police! They taught us about everything we need to know about safety on the water, and to my surprise, you can get your boat licence at 12! We were having so much fun, and we even got to breathe test some of the teachers! After our fun with the water police, my group- the Afterburners went kayaking. Jaime and I had to communicate and collaborate to get the kayak working, and let me tell you it wasn’t easy, but we got there and had a blast! We even got to go for another swim, and again the water was freezing, but everyone loved it! After we had had our showers, we went bike riding, it was so hot! And I was so thirsty! So when I got back  I was really tired and it felt so good to have some water! We had to ride on the sand, and it was really hard, but when we got on the beach, we had a lot of fun. For afternoon tea we had Trish’s amazing scones! The  tastiness of the scone with some strawberry jam, unforgettable. Then we went off to have fun on the expedition night, where we camped out in tents! We sat around the camp fire eating burgers and milo, while playing games, before the day had ended and we were ready for bed. 

To start our third day, the Afterburners went on a boat out to a jetty across from Raymond Island, where I made some memories including getting a splinter in my butt! It was so much fun even though we didn’t catch any fish, because we were just relaxing on the jetty. Coco, one of the year 11s, even played some calm music for us which made it even mor relaxing.Then we stopped at a park to have lunch before our bike ride on Raymond Island. On the ride we saw 35 koalas! Grace, one of the camp staff, told us there was once 600 koalas on the island! That’s a lot of koalas! We were so tired when we got back to camp, we just played king ball, and Jaime and I even got to king! For dinner on our last night we had lasagne, and again it was amazing! We were all so appreciative that Trish had taken the time to cook us a wonderful meal! For dessert we had jelly and ice cream, which was also very yummy! We were so tired after our big day and ready to go to bed.

On our last day we had to pack up all our stuff, and even got to to a Team Challenge, this included collaboration activities, bike riding, and much more! The Afterburners ended up winning, even though  we were still all happy and proud of ourselves. The bus ride was another 4 hours, but my friends and I had a good time talking to each other. When I got home I was so tired, and happy to be back home, even though I had a great time on camp!

That leads my amazing adventure to an end. I had a great time, and I am sure I will love the camps in the future! What has been your favourite camp?

My avatar

My avatar looks like me because because I have blonde hair in real life and I like to keep my hair down. I have kind of blue and green eye colour like in the avatar, and I love to wear hoodies. I am always smiling and  laughing or overall being happy. My favourite colours are pink, blue, and gold so I chose my hoodie to be pink.


Non Fiction Fun

This term in library sessions we have been looking at non fiction books. We are looking at Sorry day, Waves, Bouncing Back, The Happiness Box, Make Believe and Our Birds. I think a non fiction book should include big pictures and not too much writing sonit is easy to read and it doesn’t take too much time to read. In my opinion I like to read a non fiction book that has a story and teaches you facts about the topic.My personal favourite book was Sorry day. To me the book was good because it had a cool story that still taught you a lot about the stolen generation.

Life in the 1850’s

Sovereign Hill Camp 2019

This year for camp we were lucky enough to experience Sovereign Hill in the 1850’s. I personally really enjoyed this camp (even though I didn’t love the food).

In my cabin I had, Tori, Jaime, Sylvie and Holly. My cabin and I made lots of fun jokes and had an overall great time together. I really enjoyed being around them and I wouldn’t have wanted to be with anyone else because we were all happy. I think our cabin was really modern, we had a luxurious ensuite, bunk beds and single beds, and of course I can’t forget our mini fridge.

We got to go to a school and experience what school was like in the 1850’s. We had to do some hard things, such as, learning our 16 times tables, writing with a quill and writing in calligraphy. We also got to learn how to dig before as in the q850’s the Goldrush was happening. Our school was called St Peters Denominational School. We got to dress up in clothes from the 1850’s, which was hard because it was freezing cold and we were wearing a short sleeved dress.

My camp experience was a really great way to spend time with my friends and learning what it was like back then.

What did you enjoy most about Sovereign Hill?

House Reading!

In house this week we read books in our buddy groups, to celebrate  Carey Celebrates Literature Week. Reading with my buddy was really fun. I liked hearing the different stories that we read. My buddy is really fun to be around and I enjoyed listening to her reading. We read the books, Happy Dreamer and Missing Marvin. I enjoyed both of them!

Do you like reading with your buddy or by yourself?